Hi! We are friends from LotusBlaze Projects.

Shoot at Museo Pambata May 2013

Shoot at Museo Pambata May 2013

We create various communication outputs responsive to the needs of identified audiences.

Our works seek to foster sharing vs self-centeredness, inspirational, simple yet complex, accessible, people-friendly, creative, open to experiments, and facilitating authentic self-expression.

We conserve the indigenous and the ancient which are relevant and important to the present world especially in terms of their important contributions to survival and development of humans and all of creation.

We produce advocacy materials that will have impact on society, issues and works that will be recognized in the mainstream as well as special audiences.

We light up your stories!

LotusBlaze is the popular name of DocuCinema Media Collective, Inc., registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2011.

LotusBlaze is a network of communication specialists committed to produce and disseminate exceptional and innovative multimedia content.  

The NETWORK consists of media specialists, artists, and cultural managers with 20 years of experience in various fields: Writing and Directing, Feature and Documentary Film production, Broadcast TV production, IEC, Book Production, Public Service Advertising, Strategic Communications Planning, and Training and Planning for Advocacy campaigns.

We strive to produce communication materials that are:


● Community-oriented ● Indigenous ● Inquisitive ● Inspirational ● Holistic ● Authentic ●
● Creative ● Imaginative ● Trailblazing ● Relevant to peoples’ lives ● Transformational ●


We give value to research, cultural heritage, historical context, human rights, ecology, spirituality.


The core members possess a wide range of experiences from creative management and production in leading broadcast TV networks, independent and mainstream filmmaking, NGO media consultancy, policy advocacy, environmental awareness and education.

We treat our partners and clients as co-creators. Some of our linkages include:

  • Tape, Inc. (Eat Bulaga)
  • GMA 7
  • TV 5
  • IBC-13
  • RPN 9
  • National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA)
  • European Union Delegation to the Philippines
  • ILO
  • DENR
  • Philippine Business for Social Progress
  • NEDA
  • UNESCO Culture Committee
  • NGOs like ECPAT Philippines, Terre des Hommes, PhilRights, IPER, DSWP, among others.